Something to look forward to…..

With the recent passing of Edgar Froese, a number of artists have expressed interest in doing a tribute project.

So we’d like to make it formal.

The RadHaus US audiophile label is compiling a collection of works composed in honor of Edgar Froese. We certainly are not the only ones–his influence is profound, so vast it’s difficult to quantify–and we’re certainly not going to request exclusivity.

TangerineDreamAs this call is somewhat in its infancy, we are still considering how best to distribute any funds arising (if we’re that lucky) from sales of the release. Music education projects, any sort of music museum (especially if it’s related somehow to Froese’s work), these are a couple of the ideas kicking around. Please feel free to make suggestions!

The only requirement is that the submitted music is at least tangentially related to Berlin school sounds. You’re not required to use only analog instruments, for example, but if you use software, please keep it close to the genre. We don’t believe that the Berlin school sound should be a sacred cow–it should be allowed to evolve–so if your music is part of the evolution rather than the codified original sound, it should at least be clear how it’s related.

As RadHaus US is an audiophile label, and very picky people will be hearing the album(s), tracks should be very high quality: 96/24 preferred, but no less than 44.1/24

If you’ll be sending files via a standard file sharing service, please use “” for WeTransfer, and “” for Dropbox. Do let us know ahead of time, either by commenting here, or sending an email message to either of the email addresses mentioned here.