5.8.15: Out now, on Burning Shed & Monday, 5.11.15 on iTunes;
5/12 via Amazon.
6.01.15 – I made a mix from these compositions; part 1 is here.

David Cross talks about his new album with Robert Fripp, Starless Starlight, Creativity, King Crimson and Harmonicas

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…and (from Tony Lowe)

…finally, the David Cross (King Crimson) album ‘Starless Starlight’ is coming out on Noisy Records. This is grown from the musical theme featured on ‘Starless’ by King Crimson crafted into eight atmospheric instrumental pieces with some incredibly beautiful violin playing from David. Co-produced by Tony, this album is already gaining a lot of interest around the industry.

Interview with James Whale

Looks like this is set for a May 2015 release

a Studio Release

Track listing

  1. Starless Starlight Loops
  2. In The ShadowStarless Starlight
  3. Shine And Fall
  4. Starless Theme
  5. One By One, The Stars Were Going Out
  6. Fear Of Starlight
  7. Starlight Trio
  8. Sure Of The Dark