A new ‘elements‘ (ether-jazz) edition that breaks all the rules*. Revolving around Dylan Howe‘s interpretation of David Bowie‘s ‘Low‘ & ‘Heroes‘ ambient tracks, Subterranean: New Designs on Bowie’s Berlin, the challenge was to make a stand-alone Jazz mix, while reflecting Howe’s interpretation & bringing it out within the scope of the other selected tracks.

I created a Workbook in Evernote, and, listening via my car’s audio system, or via earbuds or Bluetooth earpiece while out & about, would reference & jot down (digitally) artist’s and/or specific tracks that would complete the project. Progressing this way for about a week or so…the project slowly took shape with the cover art being nothing more than an Illustrator radial blur of the original Howe album cover.

Hats off to Dylan Howe for this extremely well done, gorgeous interpretation of tracks & for the resultant inspiration for this 112+ minute series magnum opus & the l@bs’ kick-off for 2015 (with a closer by the maestro+ himself!)

  • *Rules broken:
    • No elements mix has ever exceeded 80 minutes
    • No elements mix has ever wrapped around one artist’s album
    • No elements mix has ever been segued in any other fashion except by individual track – this one is chopped into 5 segments, with the breaks occurring randomly.
    • No elements mix has ever repeated an artist’s song (this one borrows 3-4 tracks from the series’ various editions)
    • *Post-production note: the mix had been completed for over a month, when Bowie released the ‘Sue…” track. After listening to the horn sections – I thought it would make an excellent closing track…& spliced it in!

01 Toru Takemitsu – Rain-Tree Sketch 3
02 Colin Vallon – Rouge
03 Dylan Howe – Subterraneans
04 Eberhard Weber – Santiago
05 Dylan Howe – Art Decade
06 Marcin Wasilewski – Mosaic
07 Steve Tibbetts – Lochana
08 Dylan Howe – Moss Garden
09 Bill Frisell – Fields of Alfalfa
10 Dylan Howe – Neuköln – Night
11 Henry Butler – Reflections
12 Ginger Baker Trio – I Lu Kron
13 Dylan Howe – Weeping Wall
14 Christian McBride – EGAD
15 Metheny, Holland & Haynes – Law Years
16 Dylan Howe – All Saints
17 Steve Kuhn – A Likely Story
18 Pat Metheny & John Scofield – Everybody’s Party
19 +David Bowie – Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)