This mix took its inspiration from the Ambient/Police/Rescue radio channel, “You Are Listening to…” – which mixes ambient soundscapes with intermittent police band transmissions.

Remixed, July 2015, to include the Steve Roach, Dirk Serries, Marsen Jules & Dave Fulton tracks; and again in December to include the Mark Harris, Bing Satellites & Bersarin Quartett tracks.

01 Oophoi – An Aerial View (excerpt)
02 Matthew Vanden Brook – At Night (excerpt)
03 Steve Roach – Etheric Imprints (excerpt)
04 Christopher Sisk – 8.Extended (excerpt)
05 Phase 47 – Circular
06 Christopher Sisk – The Water in the Wind (excerpt)
07 Dirk Serries– Disorientation Flow (excerpt)
08 Michael Meara – Contemplation.2, Form in Void (excerpt)
09 Marsen Jules – Penstla
10 Mark Harris – In the Forests, the Animals are Moving (excerpt)
11 Bing Satellites – Scremerston
12 Bersarin Quartett – Niemals Zurück
13 Dave Fulton – Quiet Please

This mix will be posted to my Mixcloud page on or about 12/20/15. For any who downloaded the DropBox file prior to 2:30PM (U.S.A. Eastern Time) on December 4th, you have the previous version which does not include ‘In the Forests…’. The link below contains the updated mix & artwork. : )

An Extended Aerial View of Night