The website, designed by Eric Eberhardt, layers aerial photography and video with ambient noise and music and the sounds of police, airport, and other broadcast scanners. Uniquely, the site provides genre-straddling collaborations to evoke somewhat voyeuristic experiences of urban centers; users choose a city to “listen to” and are treated to jerry-rigged combinations of ambient city sounds, police voices, scenic photography from Flickr, ambient music from Soundcloud and other public streams.

The idea arose, he explains, from a “random sequence of events” on the night the San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series, when fans’ celebrations dissolved into destructive rioting. He noticed that many Twitter users were sharing the stream of the SFPD radio channel, and, after putting on music in the background, started listening to it while answering emails; “and the next thing [he] knew, several hours had passed.”

YouAreListeningTo .