Tullian Tchividjian
(deposed pastor originally in the Presbyterian Church in America denomination)

So…I’m starting a new weekly feature here that is intended to introduce you to my not-so-secret addiction, an addiction I’ve been nurturing since I was 19.

I’m an avid music listener. Music hits me in ways that I can’t fully explain. It unlocks chambers inside me that I didn’t know existed. And while I love almost all kinds of electronic musicmusic (except Country, Death Metal, and “Christian contemporary”) my drug of choice is EDM (electronic dance music, for the uninitiated). EDM has a variety of different genres (house, techno, trance, dubstep…to name a few) and I pretty much like them all, depending on what I’m doing or the kind of mood I’m in. I can’t really explain why this music grips me the way that it does, but I’m a “junky” for sure.

The way that the best of these DJ’s/Producers are able to create moods and take the listener deep is nothing short of brilliant. They are maestros of emotion. The complexity and chemistry of sounds is magical, poetic, romantic and powerful. I know, it’s not for everybody (what kind of music is, after all?). I’m fully aware that growing up in South Florida where this music totally “fits” the sights, sounds, and smells may be part of the reason it is so ingrained in my heart and head. But try it. You may like it. It may loosen you up, chill you out, and make you dream of rooftops, ocean breezes, palm trees, city lights, and losing yourself in the one you love.

I often say about EDM, it’s kind of like the gospel in the sense that you either “get it” or you don’t. If you don’t “get it” that’s fine. You’re missing out, but that’s fine. If you do “get it”…welcome to the deep end of the pool.

Entry No. 1: The Maya Jane Cole Remix of Rudimental‘s song “Free” featuring Emile Sande. This would be considered “house music.” I’ve had this track on repeat for the better part of the last month. I hope you like it as much as I do. And make sure you come back next Monday for more.

Bioluminescently Yours,
(deposed pastor originally in the Presbyterian Church in America denomination)