by Stephen Briggs

Good Friday was inspired by observing the power of crowds … how the spirit of a crowd can change a person … take over them … make them do things they wouldn’t otherwise consider doing. This spirit … the spirit that can turn a respected school teacher into a looter grasping for a TV in a riot … was evident on the first Good Friday … a day when the crowd took over.

Good Friday was also inspired by the spirit that exists in a room or a building … be it an incense-rich 15th century church in rural Spain or a grease-filled garage near my home in New Zealand.

Take, for example, the room I live and work in … it is full of the memories of souls and conversations … thousands of them. From day old babies to 90+ year olds. Somehow I channel their thoughts and feelings into my music. Just as I try to revive their tired life-force and help them to get better from their injuries … they help and inspire me to create and express what is inside me.

My music comes from my soul. I hope … in handing what is inside me over to you … that this will act as a catalyst for you … that you may be inspired too.