Presented as a split album release–> Darren McClure & Derrick Hart + Mathieu LamontagneThe online collaboration between Darren and Derrick began with a simple rhodes recording, which eventually became the track “Symmetry Violation”. Pleased with the result, they continued and another four tracks were created. Derrick’s recordings of acoustic instruments were combined with Darren’s electronics and field recordings, finding a balance between organic and synthetic themes and sounds.

Darren McClure lives in Japan and creates ambient soundworks that fold together electronics, drones and processed field recordings. Derrick Hart is an American musician and video artist who plays a kind of idiosyncratic experimental folk music.

This album will be featured on a split tape cassette release with Mathieu Lamontagne, limited to 30 copies worldwide.


released 03 November 2013
Darren McClure & Derrick Hart – Daughters Planting In Fertile Waters
1) Surfacing
2) Daughters Planting In Fertile Waters
3) Microscopic Circus
4) Symmetry Violation
5) SinkingMathieu Lamontagne – Un Trait
1) Quand La Nuit Tourne Au Gris
2) Huit Sur Le Cote
3) Dans Mon Coin
4) Exactement Environ
5) Des Etrangers

Catalog: INNER012 | Format: Tape Cassette/Digital | Release Date: TBD