First the hard..& now the soft; nipped & manipulated the graphic from Dirk Serries‘s (a.k.a. vidnaObmana) latest release…for this mini-mix (53″).  A relaxing respite from the din of last week’s cacophony.

01 KlugeTolophie  
02 Loren NerellMentation (Excerpt)
03 HXDKAdrift 
04 Dirk SerriesThe Burden of Hope 
05 Darren McClureInteriors 
06 Lanterna Saturn’s Rings 
07 Specta CieraWithout Knowing
08 Bruno SanfilippoVisualia III       
09 Alio Die & AglaiaCumulus Congestus  
10 ElianCity Point    

11.9.15 – Tweaked this over the w/e: New Tracks

01 Ben MonderGamma Crucis
12 Andrew QuitterBad Echoes

microphonics XDXI