Ah, yes…the title’s shamelessly modified from Julie Slick‘s album Terroir…but I used a track from it on the mix so…no harm/no foul.

A gritty, noisy & at times raucous…this one’s sort of a follow up to last year’s
g e a R‘ –  but not officially released as an elements edition. Think of it as a distant cousin, audiologically speaking.

Main inspiration was the just released ‘Deep‘, by the Stick Men. (Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter). Levin then bridges to Crimson & Slick…& Brian Eno’s another “distant cousin.”
;- ]

01 Dirk SerriesThere’s a Light in Vein
02 Julie SlickPi 
03 Stick MenSepia
04 Stick MenFugue  
05 Stick MenWhale Watch
06 King CrimsonSartori in Tangier
07 Stick MenNude Ascending Staircase
08 Brian Eno/Rick HollandGlitch 
09 Levin-Torn-WhiteThe Eggman Cometh
10 King CrimsonB’boom
11 Brian Eno/Rick HollandSounds Alien