Early in 2011, electronic music veteran James Johnson approached the Relaxed Machinery community with an exciting project idea: an album comprising remixes of material from several of his albums.

The response was immediate: 30 artists from around the world – all members of the Relaxed Machinery Ning Online Community – expressed an interest in taking part. James provided them with 25 clips culled from eight albums, which included synths, piano, voices and generative tracks. Submitted pieces often included source material from more than one album.

James selected nine pieces for this collection, including work by Disturbed Earth, Altus, Chris Russell and more.

These are all “purist” remixes, using only source materials provided by James.

In keeping with the project’s remix/recycle ethos, its title is extrapolated from one of James’ album titles, and the artwork (by Scott M2) is remixed from James’ photography.

Butterfly Effects is available exclusively from the Relaxed Machinery Bandcamp page. The release package includes cover, wallpaper and liner notes.

Butterfly Recycled