Revised 3/2013 – 3 tracks added/blended in .

A post-rock/ambient [mini] mix featuring, for the most part, controlled 6 & 12 string feedback. The first of 2  mixes inspired by Dirk Serries upcoming release, microphonics xxiii, and propelled forward by the Guitar Circle of Europe track, this is a quick listen (23″) while the first is a full length (71 minutes or so) endeavor.

01. Letters of UthrechtRivers of You
02. Jason SloanGrace and Beauty
03. Henry FrayneColossus
04. Dirk SerriesThere is a Light in Vein / 05. The Guitar Circle of l@bs*SmIdgen (reversed & echoed .43 second bridge between Serries & the Guitar Circle gents)
06. The Guitar Circle of EuropeRed (Fripp)
07. David BowiePlan
08. Dr. SoundsDK2808

(* tracks 3 & 4 are rendered as a single track (3) due to some weird volume issues when attempting to separate them)

Zipfile download contains both the individually mixed tracks & the entire mix as 1 track + cover artwork.