The acquisition of the OKTAF release, “Lost in the Humming Air” as well as DGM’s The Wine of Silence & several Relaxed Machinery releases, led to the creation of this mix and its soon to be posted successor (h u e bouquet).

The cover art is a multi-layered piece I worked on for several iterations until I was happy with its ethereal relationship to the music itself.

01. Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias GrassowCromo [piano & drones] 3
02  Gidon KremerThe Lyre Of Orpheus
03. Brian EnoBreath of Crows
04. Robert Fripp | Andrew Keeling | David SingletonPie Jesu
05. Max CorbachoThird Exposure
06. Peter JamesRelocation
07. Marsen JulesSunrise on 3rd Avenue
08. Steve RoachCalyx Revelation
09. Carbon Based LifeformsTerpene
10. Rafael Anton IrisarriGloaming
11. Markus Reuter & Zero OhmsThe Bridge and the Mother
12. MokiraHarold Dubb
13. åpne sinnStill Transmitting

If I may say so, this is one of the nicest mixes I’ve produced out in a long time & it seems to hold up under & after repeated listenings.