Fresh off a mini-break, I did a quick remix of Marco’s TRANZ  046 projekt (Projekt Gestalten) – remixed with cross-faded segues, slowest to quickest in terms of beat/groove:

01 Fuga (Zeitlupen Remix By Midnightradio11)
02 The Sprawl (Ozone Player)
03 I’m Not Your Guy (Stripped Down Piano Cut)
04 Watching Soldiers Passing By (DJ Merli Remix)
05 Thinking About You
06 Watching Soldiers Passing (Paula Daunt Krieg Remix)
07 Peace Love (Blaze Remix)
08 Better Days
09 CCCP Gymnastics (Lars Leonhard Remix)
10 I’m Not Your Guy (Projekt Gestalten Remix)
11 The Edge Of The Abyss (George M. Trip Mix)
12 Linear (Monolake)

D/L mix: