“Transmissions” by Akumu | link

Great blend of microsonic sonance, approx 26 minutes in length.

ping things is thrilled to release the latest from Deane Hughes’ project Akumu. “Transmissions” is a series of short, abstract pieces that delve into Akumu’s interest in messages hidden within messages, of sounds between sounds, of communications that are slightly beyond our perception… beyond our reach.

In our daily lives, we are exposed to a constant stream of noise, static, interference – all of which we filter out and ignore. But what if there is more there than we are aware of? Hidden inside the cracks of cacophony?

Built upon recordings of radio static, electrical interference and guitar-based ephemera, “Transmissions” creates a world of tones, clicks, squelches and pulses – a space that lies between calm drones and arrhythmical noise. Within that space, much like the world around us, perhaps there is something more? A place where lost transmissions reside.

“Transmissions” by Akumu is available for free download as a 62 Mb Zip file containing the full release in high quality 320kbps mp3 format along with artwork suitable for printing. The music on this release is copyright Deane Hughes 2012, and may not be used or reproduced without the artist’s express permission. If you enjoy the work of Akumu, please feel free to visit the Akumu website at www.musicbyakumu.com