After listening to the new offering from DGM, The Wine of Silence, more then several times, I got the idea to make it into a classically based mix (for hopefully obvious reasons).

Here’s the final product:

1. The Blue Nature of Everyday Variation in Blue #1- DuskLeonardo Rosado
2. In The Fen CountryRalph Vaughan Williams
3. Miserere MeiRobert Fripp | Andrew Keeling | David Singleton
4. The Dormition of the Mother of GodYo-Yo Ma, David Zinman, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
5. String Quartet No. 2 in D_ I. Allegro moderato,  II. Scherzo. Allegro, III. Nocturno. Andante & IV. Finale. Andante-VivaceBorodin Quartet: Rostislav Dubinsky and Yaroslav Alexandrov; violins, Dmitri Shebalin; viola, and Valentin Berlinsky, cello