Just completed a lengthy back & forth mixing process with a new [mini] series entitled ‘h u e‘.

At first, given the overall softness of the tracks, I planned on making them adjuncts to my ‘slipstream‘ series of 5 or 6 years ago. But, after mulling it over, decided to give them a berth of their own within my mixological catalog.

This was a project very much driven by three primary sources:

So…there was quite a bit of ambient sound to unpack, sort through & listen to in order to achieve the desired flow of the two mixes. I made the original h_u_e mix…and subsequently made 4 more revisions of the mix before settling on the final playlist. The adjunct, shorter companion, ‘bouquet’ was completed with one revision; that being the inclusion of the second track after hearing it in the wee hours of the morning during a bout of sleeplessness (for which I am grateful as the blog post which pointed me to the track hadn’t been up for more then 10 minutes – & I would have missed it had I not been surfing the web @ 3:00AM).

I plan to release the 2 mixes either together or very closely spaced; most likely within the month of June so…

…please stay tuned. ; )