… a new ambient mix on the drawing board: ‘h u e‘ (revolving around the ‘Lost in the Humming Air’, Budd tribute album). It began in the vein of the ‘slipstream‘ series, but morphed into its own project with the addition of some classical cuts left over from the ‘elements: artifacts‘ project.

I’m still waiting on delivery of the new one from DGM Mobile, ‘The Wine of Silence’ and have inserted a placeholder song using Fripp’s ‘Love Cannot Bear’ (from whence the orchestrated ‘Wine’ album is derived). I have, however, listened to enough samples from the Fripp/Keeling/Singleton piece that I know exactly where within the mix’s queue the excerpted selection will be positioned.

Some of the artist’s contributing to the mix include Eno, Max Corbacho, Marsen Jules, Peter James, Zero Ohms, Steve Roach, Carbon Based Lifeforms & Mokira.

Here’s the artwork (the mix will be out sometime in early May):